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Coal is plentiful raw materials in the world. It is sedimentary rock formed deep underground over thousands of years of heat and pressure. They are located under numerous layers of rocks and have to get it by coal mining. Two common types of coal can be identified, bituminous and sub-bituminous. They have different ranking based on amount of carbon inside the coal and heat energy generated from the coal.


Coal is the most common fossil fuel that can be used as source of energy. To lower the shipping cost, they will be crushed and removed heavy before transportation. With the latest clean coal technologies, the pollutants created to the environment have been greatly minimized. Therefore, the demand of coal remains high and stable which is favorable for our commodities trading business.














Crude Palm Oil 


Crude Palm Oil is the richest natural resources in the world. Most of them are comes from Indonesia and Malaysia. It is deep orange red in colour which is extracted from the pulp of palm fruit. It is the raw unprocessed oil pressed in mills. They can be cultivated, refined, bleached and deodorized into different kinds of products, from food, like cooking oil and margarines to non-food applications, like soaps and cleaning detergents, and even used as biofuel.


With the variety of applications, both the domestic and international consumption raised continuously. The price of crude palm oil will fluctuated occasionally due to the supply of competing vegetable oils, government import or export policies implementation or changes of weather. We have confidence to offer the best price to our valuable customers.